Conference List

The Semper Technologies Team has been either the Founder or Program Chairperson of the following  events:

  • Flash Memory Summit
  • The PCI Conference
  • Fibre Channel Technologies Conference
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN) Conference
  • Gigabit Ethernet Conference
  • Advanced TCA (ATCA) Summit
  • Network Processors Conference
  • Network System Design Conference
  • Data Protection Summit
  • Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Summit
  • FPGA Conference
  • Software Defined Infrastructure Summit
  • Server Blade Summit
  • Open Server Summit
  • Netbook Summit
  • Mobile Technology Summit
  • NVMe Developers Conference


Staff members have consulted for MRAM companies, prototyped devices, written white papers, created custom conferences, and presented industry classes on MRAM technologies.