Expert Team

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Lance Leventhal

Founder CEO
Dr. Leventhal is the author of 27 computer books that have sold over a million copies worldwide.


Chuck Sobey

Chief Scientist, Executive Consultant
Technology Strategist and Semiconductor Memory Consultant for Emerging AI/ML Applications

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Elizabeth Leventhal

Event Technologist
A highly successful event manager involving thousands of participants and over 100 exhibitors


Semper Technologies was founded in 2021 to focus on conferences, consulting, training, and technical marketing. We combine the always-new idea generation of the technology industry with decades of hands-on experience in conference design and execution. We provide services and consulting for technical events, focused on cutting-edge technologies in computers and communications. Semper Technologies’ principals have developed events both on their own and in partnership with associations, corporations, and publishers.  Our leaders co-created Flash Memory Summit, and then helped it grow into the number one independent storage conference in the world. Their leadership experience includes other well-known events, such as the Storage Area Networks Conference, Embedded Internet Conference, Fibre Channel Technologies Conference, Ethernet Technology Summit, Open Server Summit, Network Processors Conference, and AdvancedTCA Summit.


The Semper Technologies team focuses on events with high growth potential that meet the needs of their industry contacts, sponsors, and exhibitor prospects.  We emphasize high-quality technical events, designed for decision-makers and influencers in engineering, programming, technical management, technical marketing, and customer development.  We base our efforts on an entrepreneurial spirit, extensive knowledge of emerging technologies in computing and communications, strong background in the technology industry, and our primary founder’s more than 40 years’ track record of creating up-to-the-minute, relevant technical conferences year-after-year.  We have developed and coordinated successful conferences ranging in size from 200 to 6,500 registrants at locations throughout the world. We believe our organizational abilities, close attention to detail, emphasis on value to the attendees and sponsors, and deep understanding of today’s emerging technologies have served our clients well.